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Turn your hospitality business into a winter winner with a Butler Dome

Sporadic sun. Rampant rain. Wild winds. You won’t need us telling you it’s not been the greatest summer, weatherwise. All this after the losses brought about by COVID-19 restrictions. To put it mildly, it’s the double whammy everyone in hospitality could have done without. 


Hopefully, you’ve been able to squeeze some profit from your outside space during those times the sun broke through. But maybe you’re getting that sinking feeling looking at the calendar and realising that there’s perhaps a couple of months left at best before it’s going to get too cold and dark for guests to use your outside space.


But you don’t have to wait until spring for things to change for the better. With our Butler Domes, you can give customers somewhere sheltered to gather outside for stand-up drinks or sit-down meals all year round. These smart, futuristic pods will give people good reasons to visit your establishment, whatever the weather. 


Butler Domes are cool in summer, snug in winter, and really popular on social media all year round, with customers sharing photos and spreading the word about the pods and the places they find them. It’s like free advertising!


There’s room for eight guests to sit in every pod, so you can serve breakfasts outside even when it’s biting cold, al fresco lunches when it’s raining, and dinners in your pub garden in December.  


With the ability to take year-round bookings and a big appetite among customers to experience dome dining and drinking, chances are, you’ll make your initial investment back - with interest - in a matter of months.


See the difference a dome can make to your income all year round. Invest now and your domes could be making a big impact on your bottom line before the weather turns and the nights properly draw in. 


Discover more about the Butler Dome here. Or contact our dedicated Hospitality team by email or call 01423359206.