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Why a garden pod is a great space for all the family

Why a garden pod is a great space for all the family

After the year we’ve all had, there’s surely no better sound than the noise of our kids having fun together in the great outdoors. The screams, squeals and shrieks of kids having fun in gardens across the nation is the quintessential British sound of summer.

Our Debut Dome is the best way to get the whole family together outdoors, come rain or shine. Here we explore some of the great reasons why our Debut Dome garden pod goes down great with kids and hard-to-please teens:

- From daytime playtime to sleepovers and midnight snacks sessions – kids love life in a garden pod.

 - The clever design of our Debut Dome means its sound cancelling properties reduce the noise coming from inside the pod. Great news for the neighbours when the kids are at full volume!

- At this time of their lives, teens are scrabbling for independence, so letting them have their own space at the bottom of the garden can work a treat.

 - Our range of accessories includes a Service Hatch*, so you can cleverly and safely feed in wires for that all important teen-tech. Netflix under the stars, anyone?

The opportunities and uses of the Debut Dome are endless – and what child doesn’t want some extra space in the sanctuary of their own garden? So for some serious parent points, treat the family to the beautifully brilliant Debut Dome, and enjoy being outdoors whatever the weather.

While the kids watch, you can build your Debut Dome within one day with the help of a friend. Plus, easy-to-follow instructions are included and all handy tools – so you don’t need to worry about dusting off the toolbox.

Remember to share your Debut Dome journey with us online by using #DebutDome.

*Our optional accessories are available to buy online along with your Debut Dome - check them out before you checkout!